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40% savings

Minimum guaranteed savings of 40%

Driver for pickup

Pickup and drop services available

Real time tracking

90 day service guarantee

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select service

Select the car model, services required and the location so that Stepni can shortlist the most relevant garages and give you an instant online estimate of the cost (inclusive of labour costs). If you are unsure, you can go through the diagnostics section to identify the problem

driver pickup

Stepni will come to pick your car and also inspect the car using a 32 point checklist to identify all issues with your vehicle. The inspection report will be shared with you and also with the garage to which we are taking the vehicle

Real time tracking

All the required services are done and quality controlled with a 50 point checklist before sending the vehicle back to you. And all this for a fraction of the cost that you would have paid otherwise.

Brands we Serve & Stepni Garages

Stepni has tied up with 125 car service garages in all areas around Bangalore. All cars that are serviced through Stepni will be taken to a garage that is the closest to your location. We take in all vehicle models from a Range Rover to a Mercedes to a Hyundai Verna to a Maruti Alto and a Tata Nano. We ensure that your vehicle is taken only to a garage that has the ability to repair or service your vehicle type - In short we take your vehicle to the best available mechanic or garage so that the job done on your car is the best.
All spare parts that have been changed through a service booking will be authentic parts from your car manufacturer. When we return the car, we will give you an original bill and the box of the spare part that has been fitted. To ensure savings on your car service, we will replace the parts only when we think it is absolutely necessary as we will strive to repair wherever possible

What people are saying about us

On two occasions, Stepni folks arrived like knights on shining white scooters to save my life. Reach out to them if you want to avoid weeping silently into your pillow looking at the service center bills for maintenance and repair of your car. With Stepni, not only will you save an arm and a leg on a professionally carried out service, their transparent consulting style ensures that you get to know what they are doing to your vehicle. No buffered costs, no secret part-stealing, no driving around town in your car, etc. Somewhere on the internet, there is a picture of me, standing next to my car, looking very satisfied.


Stepni solved a problem that would have cost me almost 10K at my regular garage for just about 3K. I am a big fan


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About Stepni

At Stepni, we connect you to garages and mechanics around you for all your car servicing and repair needs (fixing dents, part replacements among other things). And you can do this all at the comfort of your home. We are looking to remove all the hassles and headaches (dealing with a garage or service center, creating time to go and get your vehicleserviced), by providing you the convenience of doorstep pick-up and drop, a 90 day service guarantee and the use of onlygenuine and authorized parts for your car because we don't believe in cutting corners when it comes to your prized possession.

Whatever be that you require done on your car, be it regular KM servicing, car repairs, or just giving your car a thorough cleaning, Stepni is there to help you all the way till you get your car back. Payment needs to be done only after the car is delivered to your satisfaction. We over zero upselling, 100% transparency, and strict quality controls to ensure that nothing goes wrong with your carOur proprietary price estimator will also help you get an estimate on how much it will cost to get your car repaired. And to top it, we give you a full inspection report with the state of your car

Core Stepni Services

Regular servicing
We give you an itemised bill for everything that is included in doing your annual/ half-yearly maintenance. Typically this includesan oil filter change, air filter blowout, spark plug cleaning, coolant and brake oil topup. Depending on the distance your car has run, brakes will also get serviced

Denting & Painting
Unlike branded showrooms, we charge only per panel (door, bonnet, roof etc). Your car will be painted as per the color specified in your registration. This will be done as per your requirement and we will do only fix that part. This allows you to prioritize and defer costs of gettingyour car looking spick and span. If you want your entire car repainted, then reach out to us - we will give you a detailed and customizedquote depending on your car model

Part Replacement and Fixes
If you need any part repaired / fixed urgently, then Stepni is the right place for you. Wherever possible, we will try to repair the part rather than replace so that you can save money and get back on the road.

Other Features
1. Online Payment via Credit/ Debit Card after receiving your car
2. Real-time price estimate for standard services. Customized quotes will be available for other services post the inspection of your car
3. On demand car servicing whenever you need it and as per your convenience. No more waiting for an appointment
4. FREE inspection of your car (including for parts/ components not booked) when you book a service with us

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At Stepni, we connect you to garages and mechanics around you for all your car servicing and repair needs (fixing dents, part replacements among other things). And you can do this all at the comfort of your home.

If you want to connect with us, please find us at the following co-ordinates


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