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1. Savings is based on the price at an authorized service center (including taxes and labour costs). All parts used by are genuine and the difference is only on the labour costs

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All the jobs that can be done on a car can be classified into the following - Regular Services, Internal Repairs and Fixes,Dent fixing and painting and replacement of external parts

1. Regular services
This includes standard car servicing which is recommended every 10,000 kms or 6 months / 12 months depending onwhether you have a petrol or diesel vehicle whichever is earlier. A standard car service includes an oil filter change, coolant topupwheel alignment and balancing and a complete car cleaning (both interior and external). Prices are shown for 30,000 kms. The final value will be based on the distance your car has run

2. Internal Repairs and Fixing
If you are facing any problems while you are driving like sounds coming from the car, gears notchanging properly or brakes or clutch not working as expected, then you need to choose repairs & Fixes. This also includes anythingthat is causing a bad driving experience (like power windows not working, a/c not working or the music system not playing the music you love.

3. External Part Replacement For any part that is essential but does not affect the working of the car, choose essential parts. This includesparts like the wiper, or the rearview mirror or items like the headlight / taillight casing. We put only original spare parts and the cost difference between us and authorized service centers is due to the cost of labour

4. Dent Fixing and Painting Select this option to get rid of that nagging dent on any part of the car. Prices are different for the smaller panels (sides) and for the larger panels (roof, bonnet and boot).

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At Stepni, we connect you to garages and mechanics around you for all your car servicing and repair needs (fixing dents, part replacements among other things). And you can do this all at the comfort of your home.

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